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A peña is an informal Latin American folk music gathering. Peñas are found in different forms across Latin America. Peñas are more participatory than a normal concert in that usually more than one musical group performs, group singing often occurs, and frequently community members are invited to share a song informally as part of the event. By design Peñas are intended to be inclusive community events open to music lovers of all ages.

La Peña del SurCo is a new cultural initiative led by ethnomusicologist and arts and health researcher Dr. Jennie Gubner and her Argentine/Chilean folk music trio El SurCo. Gubner’s current research interests involve leveraging intercultural participatory music practices to foster and strengthen age-friendly and intergenerational healthy communities. La Peña del SurCo seeks to celebrate folk music traditions from Argentina, Chile and across Latin America while building community through intimate, acoustic, and participatory musical practices.

Jennie Gubner is a violinist and PhD ethnomusicologist who works at the University of Arizona as an Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology and Chair of the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Applied Intercultural Arts Research. Having spent years in Buenos Aires studying and performing tango and folk music within participatory music scenes, her research and performance activities focus on promoting music as a vehicle for intergenerational wellness and community building.

This event was organized by University of Arizona Ethnomusicologist Dr. Jennie Gubner in collaboration with Sydney Streightiff and the members of El SurCo.

University of Arizona Event Sponsors Include: Innovations in Health Aging (IHA). The Innovations in Healthy Aging Initiative at the University of Arizona was designed to connect older adults with UArizona. Learn more about how you can get involved at<>

The Applied Intercultural Arts Research Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (AIAR GIDP)<>

The Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS)<>

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6 p.m. to 8 p.m. April 26, 2024
4th Ave Coalition Space

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Jennie Gubner

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