The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines healthy aging as the adoption of healthy habits and behaviors such as staying involved in and supported by one’s community, using preventive services, and managing health conditions and medications, all of which contribute to a productive and meaningful life.

Innovations in Healthy Aging is a strategic collaboration that is working to redefine what it means to thrive while aging. With experts from every college at the UArizona, IHA is bringing together the best minds to meet the opportunities and address the challenges of aging.

You can find opportunities to participate as a volunteer in aging-related studies on our Ongoing Studies page.

Innovations in Healthy Aging organizes regular events of interest to older adults in our community. Check out our Events page to find programs of interest to you.

For a complete list of events on campus, check out the University of Arizona Master Calendar. Otherwise, choose from a variety of attractions, from scientific discovery, athletics, performing arts to gorgeous views at the UArizona's Visitor Center site.